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If you use Soundplant commercially or would like to support the software and upgrade to a more professional range of features, buy a license. You'll be instantly emailed a registration code valid for both the Windows & Mac versions.

USD $60
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Single User License - For 1 Person
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Group License For 3 Users - Save 16%
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Unlimited Users Educational Site License - For Schools & Nonprofits
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Unlimited Users Site License - For Businesses

Free Version 50 Registered Version 50
sound file formats supported Limited to wav, 16-bit, uncompressed Virtually all types including 24-, 32- & 64-bit, compressed formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, flac, wma, ogg, aac, alac, wv, ape, a-law, μ-law, audio from video files like avi, mpg, mov, wmv, divx, flv, 3gp, other files like bwf, snd, au, & more
background key input No Yes, trigger Soundplant with configurable global hotkeys while using any other program
sound output device selection No, limited to use of the system default sound device Yes, user-selectable
sound output mixing frequency Limited to system default, typically 48 kHz Up to 384 kHz, user-configurable
direct recording of Soundplant's output No Yes
MIDI triggering No Yes
ASIO support No Yes
commercial use permitted No Yes
nag at startup Yes No

• If you earn money while using Soundplant, you are a commercial user and must buy a registration.

Organizations must purchase 1 license per each user of Soundplant, on any number of computers. Soundplant is licensed per-user not per-computer. The user-unlimited site licenses include bulk deployment options to make automated mass Soundplant installations easier.

The Soundplant license is not time-limited, and includes 2 years of free upgrades.

Soundplant is available to try before you buy, download the fully functional trial here.

For customization inquiries (Soundplant can be customized to meet the needs of your business, store, kiosk, school, etc.), send an email to soundplant [at] soundplant.org.

If you purchased a license for v.47, then v.50 is a free upgrade which you can access by entering your v.47 registration code into v.50. If you purchased a license for v.45 or earlier, you can access your upgrade discount by entering your old registration code into v.50.

If you require a license for an earlier version of Soundplant, such as previous version 47, you can purchase v.50. The registration code you receive with any v.50 purchase can also be used to unlock earlier Soundplant versions down to v.41.